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I am so particular about dental care and have been confused with the different reviews regarding dental clinics in Phnom Penh but the article I read about Dr.Mori in wupp convinced me to see him. Last January, my crown fell off and I went to a dentist i heard about, paid 40$ to have it reattached, it fell after 3 days! I got so frustrated so I thought of dr.mori and gave him a call and he reassured me consultation is feee and any procedurewill be thoroughly discussed first. I went there, clinic was clean (he's Japanese! Of course ot's clean), all tools reassuring! Ha. He was honest with me and told me that my crown was done wrong and needs to be replaced (i figured) but he told me if I dont have the budget to have a new crown made then he can just try to reattach it with the best glue in the world. He quoted the price to me (lower than the 3-day old attachment!) and i thought t was fair so i had it done. My crown was done in November and after that that tooth has always been sensitive, but after the procedurewith dr.mori, i didn't feel any sensitivity at all. Will definitely go back to have my crown redone.

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